"Camellia oil can be used both for maintenance (protection against rust) and for lubrication of knives and tools."

Why use camellia oil to care for knives and tools

Camellia oil, being an acid-free, non-volatile oil and not susceptible to resinification, is an ideal oil for protecting tools and knives against oxidation.

Our camellia oil is an oil of 100% natural origin, pure and free of acids and chemicals. Made from camellia seeds by mechanical cold pressing, this oil is purified through specially designed filters to obtain a very fine-grained oil especially for use in tools, with excellent properties as a protective oil for wood, oil protector against oxidation in tools and sharpening oil.

As it is obtained naturally, it is especially recommended for kitchen knives made of carbon steel.


Since when has Camellia Oil been used to protect knives and tools?

Camellia oil is a natural product produced from the camellia plant, which has been used for centuries in Japan as a lubricant for bonsai tools. Leaves a thin layer of oil on tools to keep them clean, prolonging their life and extending your enjoyment.


Which oil to use for knives?

The best oil for maintaining tools and knives (including scissors, razors, swords, saws…) is a high-level filter oil and it is best to avoid chemical producers that can affect the metals that make up the tools and knives.

Therefore, pure Camellia Oil, without chemicals or additives, is the best option for those who want to avoid petrochemical products. Our knife protection oil is made from camellia seeds and has a long tradition in Japan for knife care.

This organic alternative to mineral oils or spray paints lasts longer, holds up better, and won’t dry out or yellow over time. It does not create rust and is not harmful to plants.


Can Camellia Oil be used on sharpening stones?

Yes, it can be used as a sharpening oil with the traditional Arkansas stone.


Can be used on wooden handles of tools and knives?

Our Camellia Oil Protective Oil is ideal for caring for the wood of the handles of razors, knives and tools as it is a quickly absorbed oil thanks to its low viscosity; once absorbed by the wood, it protects it against humidity, dirt and UV rays. Virtually colorless oil, accentuates the natural beauty of the wood.


How to use camellia oil on knives and tools

After cleaning or sharpening your knife, apply a drop or two of this protective camellia oil to the edge and handle. Then rub evenly with the help of a soft cloth or kitchen paper, leaving a thin layer of oil on the entire blade and/or handle.

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