Acemelia guides us through a ritual of skin and hair care to keep it beautiful in a simple way and in harmony with nature.

Acemelia is an acronym for Oil and Camellia (in Spanish) that clearly shows the love we have for this beauty oil. A wonderful oil used for many centuries in Japan, and that does not leave indifferent to those who try it.

The exuberant flowering of the camellias in Galicia, inspired Acemelia to bring to our days a thousand-year-old tradition of Japan, the SAHO ritual. In this ritual, the most beautiful plant in Galicia plays an essential role, responsible for illuminating and brightening our gardens in the harsh winter months, just like its oil on our skin.

Acemelia guides us through a ritual of skin and hair care. This ritual of Japanese beauty marks a way to take care of the body and keep it beautiful in a simple way and in harmony with nature.

Cultivating this wisdom, Acemelia transposes the ancient beauty ritual of the Geishas to this day and explains how modern Japanese women achieve a perfect, uniform and spotless skin, like porcelain. The properties of the oil extracted from the camellias that grow in Galicia play an essential role in these beauty rituals.

In a world in continuous change, in which stress, pollution and weather conditions damage the skin. Acemelia defends beauty without hurry, in harmony with the passage of time, hand in hand with healthy lifestyle habits and natural cosmetics such as Camellia Oil, which hydrates the skin from the deepest layers, improving its nutrition.

In this ancestral ritual, simple but effective, the use of Camellia Oil for cleaning, hydration and nutrition is the basis for achieving a healthy and glowing skin, it is a cult of aesthetics.

Fleeing from utopias and haste, Acemelia is committed to treatments that seek balance between mind, body and soul. It’s time for holistic, to take our time and choose healthy cosmetics with which to pamper and feel good, the key is “prevent better than cure” through the use of products aimed at prevention and continuous care that, in the long term , they are much more beneficial for the care of our skin.

Camellia oil wholesale

We manufacture and sell camellia oil. If you are looking for camellia oil wholesale do not hesitate to write us, we adapt to your needs.

Acemelia manufactures and sells Extra Quality Camellia Oil

Only with a perfect knowledge of all aspects related to Camellia, from planting to manufacturing, can you extract the best camellia oil.

Manufacturer, distributor and wholesaler

As we manufacture our own Camellia oil we can also distribute it to stores or other companies and industries as a wholesaler.

Acemelia can package camellia oil in small containers, brand it for third parties or sell in bulk. As a manufacturer and distributor we adapt to the needs of our customers