Within daily care, facial care plays a very important role. Camellia oil is an ideal product for such care as it can be used as oil for the face ( facial oil ) since it is a dry oil and light that absorbs quickly into the skin of the face, which is why it is considered a magnificent facial oil. It is a powerful antioxidant thanks to its richness in proteins and vitamins (A, B, E), it maintains the youth and freshness of the skin and its continued use improves facial flexibility. It is also widely used to treat fine lines of wrinkles as an anti-wrinkle oil.

Due to its properties it eliminates and homogenizes the tone of the skin by eliminating stains (anti-stain oil).

The natural oil with the fastest Absorption and the longest Hydration

Its exceptional results on the face have made it used since ancient times in Japan and China and today it is used in a large number of types of anti-aging cream for the face, anti-wrinkle cream and moisturizer.

Ritual SAHO

Acemelia teaches you how to perform the ancestral SAHO RITUAL, inspired by the classical principles of Japanese aesthetics of:

  • Simplicity (kanso)
  • Subtle beauty (shibui)
  • Active calm (seijaku),

Follow the precepts of this Japanese tradition to keep your skin healthy from the inside out.

It is inspired by the tea ceremony, in which a series of careful steps must be followed to prepare a perfect cup.

In this case they are:

  • CLEANING: double oil and water cleaning

Three steps, for a single objective: Obtain the luster of smooth, clean skin without impurities.

ritual saho de limpieza oleosa
ritual saho de limpieza acuosa

Do your beauty ritual at home


Pack Essential

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The Essential pack is a natural initiation treatment for cleansing and hydration. It revolves around our camellia oil and helps you improve the appearance of the skin through two treatments included in the SAHO Ritual, the cleansing and the hydrating. For this you need the products included in this pack, a 10ml bottle of Camellia Oil and our Facial soap. For adults we include 2 silk cocoons to do the natural peeling once a week.

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Pack Beauty SAHO ritual based on camellia oil

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The Beauty Ritual pack based on our Camellia oil helps you to improve the appearance of the skin through three complete treatments so that your care revolves around the Camellia Oil. To do this, follow the steps of the SAHO Ritual and you will achieve perfect skin at any age.

SAHO Beauty leaflet: The ancestral SAHO beauty protocol, inspired by the classical principles of Japanese aesthetics of simplicity (kanso), subtle beauty (shibui) and active calm (seijaku), follows the precepts of this Japanese tradition to keep a healthy skin from the inside out. Inspired by the tea ceremony, in which to prepare a perfect cup it is necessary to follow a series of careful steps, the SAHO ritual consists of a simple but effective routine to maintain an impeccable skin at any age.

50ml Facial Cream that takes advantage of all the benefits of Camellia Oil to keep the skin of the face beautiful and young. Apply in the morning.

30ml Camellia oil that serves as a product of total beauty – face, body and hair. Take advantage of its benefits with an application before going to bed so that you wake up with a shiny, hydrated and dry skin, ready for the day to day avatars.

100g Facial soap with Camellia Oil: Take care of your hands and hydrate them thanks to the great properties of Camellia Oil and keep your hands hydrated and clean throughout the day.

Silk buds: The regular use of silk buds as a gentle exfoliant helps to promote the activation of the skin’s metabolism, nourish it and leave it comfortable, flexible and shiny.

Estimated delivery between 28 May - 30 May


Scientific studies support that camellia oil is good for the skin because it reduces the symptoms of aging (Jung el at. 2007), has antibacterial activity (Kim et al. 2001), antioxidant activity (Onodera et al. 2006, Piao et al 2011), it is antiallergic (Lee et al. 2008) and does not show cytotoxic effects (Jung et al. 2007).

Aging of the skin is related to the reduction of Type I collagen levels, the main component of the skin’s dermis and the main structural component of the extracellular matrix, and to the loss of transepidermal water from the skin. Both problems are solved with the usual application of pure camellia oil (Jung el at. 2007).

Scientific research (Jung el at. 2007) supports that this oil increases the activity of the type I collagen inducing gene up to three times and significantly accelerates the synthesis of type I procollagen that are subsequently assembled for the formation of collagen molecules. In addition, camellia oil significantly inhibits the secretion of the cytokine TNF-alpha that degrades type I collagen in the skin. Due to this, camellia oil helps to regenerate the elasticity of the skin and reduce wrinkles, marks and stretch marks on the skin. These studies also confirm the reduction in transepidermal water loss (Jung el at. 2007), which makes it an exceptional anti-wrinkle, anti-mark and anti-blemish.