New Camellia Oil Cream

CAMELLIA OIL FACIAL CREAM Light, yet super-hydrating, natural, silky, day-night   ACEMELIA reformulates its Camellia Oil face cream to make it more natural, light and moisturizing With more than seven years in the market and countless fans, it was time to renew a successful formula, updating some ingredients to refine it, making it more natural…


What is Camellia Oil. Uses and benefits

What is Camellia Oil? Camellia Oil is a dry natural oil for cosmetic use. It is characterized by its rapid absorption and high affinity to the skin that hydrates it from the deepest layers, regenerating it and leaving it dry and shiny. Its aroma is a mixture of seeds and green tea that disappears quickly…


All in One Salve

Acemelia presents a new product. It is a salve with an unctuous formula, like ointment that adds to all the regenerating and healing properties of our Camellia Oil those of others Vegetable oils, butters and waxes of proven efficacy to treat and care for the driest, most delicate and damaged skin . From head to…


Camellia oil in Santiago de Compostela

Camellia is present in almost all of Santiago de Compostela, from gardens to hotels, shops, streets … Camellias have round fruits within which are small brown seeds that are used to extract oil from camellia. For many years now, our camellia oil can be found in numerous stores, pharmacies and beauty centers that have fallen…

Ritual de belleza SAHO con aceite de camelia


In this post we want to explain in detail the technique of the ancestral SAHO RITUAL , based on the classical principles of Japanese aesthetics of simplicity (kanso), the subtle beauty (shibui), and active calm (seijaku), which follows the precepts of this tradition to maintain healthy skin from the inside out, a philosophy with which…

resultado y opiniones aceite de camelia en el pelo cano


More and more women are proud of their silver hair and share it in their networks with the hastag Going Gray. After gloves, masks and hydroalcoholic gels, the next most demanded product during the confinement period has been dyes, and for many women, dyeing their hair is an unwritten rule that leads them to a…

champu solido con ingredientes naturales y aceite de camelia

Camellia Oil Shampoo Bar

ACEMELIA presents its CAMELIA OIL SHAMPOO BAR, a solid shampoo, taking advantage of the benefits of camellia oil for the hair and combining it with other beneficial hair oils such as castor and black cumin and essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, cedar and citronella. It is a shampoo that can be used by all…


Camellia oil Vs Rosehip oil

Rosehip oil is considered one of the great natural oils, as is camellia oil. We compare the two oils and see their benefits, properties and strengths. The formula that worked so well in the last decades of the last century, of a technical cosmetic, based on constant laboratory innovations, always looking for new active ingredients…


The Flower of Fashion

The different varieties of Camellia, both ornamental and from which tea is produced, originate from Asia, where this flower has an ancient symbolism in the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cultures … but when it reaches Europe from the hand of Jesuit missionaries and Portuguese, English and Dutch merchants, became the flower of fashion. Its beauty…