Acemelia manufactures, bottles and distributes 100% natural Camellia Oil made in our facilities in Vigo (Pontevedra) in Galicia (Spain).

Manufacturing process

Acemelia manufactures, bottles and markets its own camellia oil. Manufacturing is done at our facilities in Vigo (Spain) from where we bottle and distribute to all our customers.

The process of extracting oil from camellia seeds is a artisanal and slow process . To extract a small bottle of camellia oil more than 300 seeds are used and it took us about 10 days to go through all the manufacturing stages to obtain camellia oil of the highest quality, optimal for cosmetic use and, of course, 100% natural. Acemelia only uses mechanical cold pressing systems to ensure that all the properties of camellias are transferred to the oil.


Commitment to the environment

Our manufacturing process is unique, friendly to the environment and guarantees the extraction of an oil of the highest purity and quality, only possible thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of the process, from collection of seeds until bottling.

Our technique has been perfected over more than ten years and has made Acemelia a benchmark in the manufacture of camellia oil worldwide.

Camellia Oil Wholesale

We manufacture and sell camellia oil. If you are looking for camellia oil wholesale, do not hesitate to write to us, we adapt to your needs.

Acemelia manufactures and markets Extra quality Camellia Oil

Only with a perfect knowledge of all aspects related to Camellia, from planting to manufacturing, can the best camellia oil be extracted.