wines and camellia oil. Best products from galicia

Acemelia and Pazo-Palacio of Fefiñáns Winery join together to promote Galicia

Camellia oil is twinned with Albariño wine to create a magical experience of Galicia. Galicia, land of pazos and camellias. Traditionally linked to the nobility, the country houses or Gallician Pazos are magical places, memories of other times that bring us closer to our past and tell us about the future through initiatives of its new inhabitants. Some Pazos that have much to do with us since its gardens hide some of the finest examples of camellias, vital for the production of our oils. In the province of Pontevedra we find one of the most spectacular, the Pazo de Fefiñáns,…

Olio di camelia di Galizia

What to buy in Galicia. Camellia oil. Original and quality souvenir

When you go on a trip to Galicia there is always the same doubt, what to buy in Galicia? What is the best souvenir of Galicia? What do I remember taking us from Galicia? What can I bring that is different and original? This year, when you come to Galicia, do not forget to ask about camellia oil. This oil has become a valuable and recurring souvenir since it is a different and novel souvenir or gift that delights beyond Spanish borders. Galician camellia oil is becoming a coveted object of tourists coming from other parts of Spain and abroad…

acemelia with galicia culture

Visit San Martin Pinario monastery with ACEMELIA (ArteySan)

Acemelia commitment to Galician culture. Proof of this is that we will have a booth at the fair of crafts, art and traditional cuisine (ArteySan) being held in the cloister of the monastery of San Martin Pinario in Santiago de compostela held between 7 and 17 July. The monastery of San Martín Pinario, the second most important building of Santiago de Compostela. Located in the historical center, opposite the façade North of the Cathedral Santiago de Compostela, it is the second largest in Spain monastery and boasts more than 5 centuries old. The San Martin Pinario monastery is a Benedictine…

Differences between Camellia seed oil and tea tree oil

It is relatively easy and frequent to confuse the terms of Camellia oil, tea seed oil, tea oil from the tea tree oil. All these names correspond to two oils that never should be confused because their origin and properties are very different. The term refers you solely and exclusively to the infusion that is obtained from the leaves of Camellia sinensis, however the qualifying “tea tree” is used to identify the species of Melaleuca alternifolia. It is, therefore, of two very different and distant species botanically. Camellia sinensis is native from China and is a shrub or small perennial…

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