The use of silk cocoons has been for centuries one of the best kept secrets of geishas, ​​a symbol of beauty and admired throughout the world for always wearing perfect skin thanks to the care and beauty rituals they carried out. With a simple but effective routine, the Ritual Saho combines camellia oil with the softness of silk to maintain flawless skin at any age.

A ritual inspired by the tea ceremony, in which to prepare a perfect cup you have to follow a series of careful steps.

So, once or twice a week, after cleaning, it is advisable to perform a gentle exfoliation following the Asian technique of the Silk Cocoons, accompanied by a light circular massage, with which we will achieve a radiant and luminous skin. The best beauty ritual for the skin.


The natural properties of the silk cocoons such as exfoliating are:

  • Sericin: With moisturizing properties and more than twenty amino acids, natural antioxidants. This protein dissolves in hot water and provides a repairing care of the skin. The pores are purified and the grain of the skin is refined over time
  • Fibroin: Protein that constitutes the fiber of the silk, has exfoliating properties, while it is soft for the skin. Its rough structure is slightly abrasive, so it cleans deeply, absorbing impurities and eliminating dead skin.


The application of these two proteins in their pure state, directly on the skin, allows us to benefit from one of the most luxurious facial care that nature offers us.

The regular use of silk cocoons as a gentle exfoliant helps promote the metabolism of the skin, nourish it and leave it comfortable, flexible and shiny.

Exfoliating and circulation activator massage::

  1. Prepare a bowl of warm water, put the cocoon in water until it moistens.
  2. Place it on the index finger.
  3. Gently massage the face with the cocoon with circular massages.
  4. Clean the face with warm water to wash the exfoliated dead skin.

Especially effective in the pores of the T zone of the nose and forehead.

You can also wash the cocoon and use it up two or three times. You will fall in love!

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