More and more women are proud of their silver hair and share it in their networks with the hastag Going Gray.

After gloves, masks and hydroalcoholic gels, the next most demanded product during the confinement period has been dyes, and for many women, dyeing their hair is an unwritten rule that leads them to a permanent tyranny, sometimes since the thirty…

No, dyeing your hair is not an obligation …

Indeed, anyone can dye themselves but letting gray hair peek out is the definitive demonstration of healthy self-esteem and we see that more and more women assume it with total normality and it is more common to see them show off their magnificent and very flattering silver manes, like the ones illustrated in this post and how kindly Gloria, Eva and Lourdes have shared with us, wonderful real models that exemplify what we talk about with their beautiful manes.

At the end of the day, in scientific terms, gray hair is born to attenuate expression lines, it matches the age of the skin, giving rise to a serene and elegant beauty, which is above age, values with which we are more and more identified.

Is it a fashion or a trend that is here to stay?

The attitude of women today is much more secure and independent and it is no longer considered that losing gray hair is a loss of value because it does not fit into the canon, but a more serene form of beauty, based on prioritizing our own well-being.

The rise of the natural, of physical exercise to be healthy and the interest in a good diet and avoiding unnecessary toxins, are values with which we are increasingly identified, this also implies an acceptance of our appearance and is consistent with the passage of time. time so it is a trend that comes to stay.

Making the decision, #goinggrey

Logically it is more difficult to accept in cases of a flood of premature gray hair, which usually coincides with people with healthy and strong hair, of magnificent texture, but that when they turn gray from a very young age make their owners slaves of the monthly dye, with its costs of time and money. Coincidentally, the men of the same family usually have what we call a great hair, they are one of those who do not suffer from alopecia and in their 40s or 50s they have wonderful silver hair that makes them so interesting …

Eva Díaz-Obregón @ediazobregon sends us a montage with different perspectives of how beautiful her hair currently looks, although she assures that it is now too long and she will cut it a bit after the holidays, because now she wants to be able to collect everything at once. I see it very well.

It is a difficult decision because not only does the age taboo operate, the truth is that if the gray hair does not exceed 60 percent of the mane, it is likely that its a priori appearance may be of sloppiness and neglect, which is not help make that difficult decision. Also, gray hair is generally drier and more unruly by nature. Gray hair is wilder, less polished and gives a frizzy appearance to your hair, especially if you have wavy hair, since even on straight hair gray hair comes out as a gesture, with a wave, that is why the main care you have to Giving gray hair to show off is a ton of hydration.

Neither is the collaboration with a good stylist, a professional who will accompany you in the process, correcting perhaps the random birth by areas in some cases, with highlights that unify and make the graying process more aesthetically bearable until it can be displayed. all natural hair.

Taking care of your silver mane

If you have dared to take the step and are in the most difficult part of your #goinggrey process these first months, until the famous “roots” are long enough to allow a haircut that frees us from the part of the dyed hair, The main thing that we can recommend patience, since the temptation to re-dye is very strong.

Gloria Fuentes, has a spectacular mane and illustrates the need to use a good natural oil such as camellia for the care of gray hair, with excellent results. In her store @esenziagaia in Ferrol, where she gathers a great selection of natural cosmetics, among which you will also find Acemelia, and especially her original space #tiendaroja.

But if you are determined to have white hair with a neat appearance, it is vital to avoid frizz and yellowish tone, so if you have not done so yet, the first measure and your great asset will be to incorporate a natural oil for daily hair care, essential to keep it hydrated, detangled and manageable.

Camellia Oil is traditionally used in Asia for hair

If you still do not use a hair oil, if you want to let your gray hair grow and show off, you will see it becomes an essential.

Camellia Oil, in addition to many other uses, is an excellent hair oil, you will see it being part of the formulations of high-end hair products around the world, especially in Japan and Korea, because it has the right properties to give hydration and shine to the hair without making it greasy and heavy.

In this photo of Gloria, after applying the Camellia Oil, you can see the shine and impeccable finish that a couple of drops provide her hair.

In Japan its pure use is usual, since time immemorial it has been used for its properties and thanks to it they keep their typical straight and shiny hair, without frizz, despite the high humidity of the Japanese climate.

Its content in omega 9, and vitamins A, B, C and E helps to keep the hair hydrated from the inside, which makes it an essential for the care of gray hair because it sweetens it, making it more manageable and gives it softness, to the instead of untangling it.

And the best thing is that you only need a couple of drops to use our oil as a finishing serum, as Gloria, owner of the beautiful store @esenziagaia, shows us in Ferrol by applying it to dry and clean hair in this video.

In the photos, which are later, you can see the shine and impeccable finish that a couple of drops of Camellia Oil provide to her hair.

@lourdessegadeterapias Gorgeous silver hair and natural curl.

We are especially grateful to Lourdes Segade because she is the one we know the least, and therefore the one with the least confidence we had to ask her for this favor, but we were especially excited to be able to illustrate that post with a photo of a beautiful curly and silver hair like hers and when we proposed it, he accepted immediately.

In addition to the collaboration of Lourdes, we also want to thank Eva and Gloria, users of our Camellia Oil, who have altruistically agreed to contribute their images to illustrate this post, exclusively, for which we ask not to copy or share them without previously requesting their consent and after its corresponding mention, as we have done.

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