Camellia oil
Ritual de belleza SAHO con aceite de camelia


In this post we want to explain in detail the technique of the ancestral SAHO RITUAL , based on the classical principles of Japanese aesthetics of simplicity (kanso), the subtle beauty (shibui), and active calm (seijaku), which follows the precepts of this tradition to maintain healthy skin from the inside out, a philosophy with which in Acemelia we we are fully identified. It is a simple, but effective, routine to maintain flawless skin at any age. Through these video tutorials that we have made with the collaboration of @judithsousa , an expert In professional cosmetics, trainer and makeup artist, we…

resultado y opiniones aceite de camelia en el pelo cano


More and more women are proud of their silver hair and share it in their networks with the hastag Going Gray. After gloves, masks and hydroalcoholic gels, the next most demanded product during the confinement period has been dyes, and for many women, dyeing their hair is an unwritten rule that leads them to a permanent tyranny, sometimes since the thirty… No, dyeing your hair is not an obligation … Indeed, anyone can dye themselves but letting gray hair peek out is the definitive demonstration of healthy self-esteem and we see that more and more women assume it with total…

champu solido con ingredientes naturales y aceite de camelia

Camellia Oil Shampoo Bar

ACEMELIA presents its CAMELIA OIL SHAMPOO BAR, a solid shampoo, taking advantage of the benefits of camellia oil for the hair and combining it with other beneficial hair oils such as castor and black cumin and essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, cedar and citronella. It is a shampoo that can be used by all hair types and that cares for the health of the scalp. The result is clean, shiny and voluminous hair and a hydrated, breathable scalp without itching or itching. In this way we get clean and healthy hair for longer. La razón de crear un champú…

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