In this post we want to explain in detail the technique of the ancestral SAHO RITUAL , based on the classical principles of Japanese aesthetics of simplicity (kanso), the subtle beauty (shibui), and active calm (seijaku), which follows the precepts of this tradition to maintain healthy skin from the inside out, a philosophy with which in Acemelia we we are fully identified. It is a simple, but effective, routine to maintain flawless skin at any age.

Through these video tutorials that we have made with the collaboration of @judithsousa , an expert In professional cosmetics, trainer and makeup artist, we show this technique popularly known as double cleaning , which consists of following guidelines for Cleaning, Hydration and Application of cosmetic facial care products at the end of the day.

Three steps, for a single objective: THE LUSTER OF A SOFT, CLEAN AND FREE OF IMPURITIES SKIN . This technique combines cleaning with massages and the application of cosmetic products, resulting in an immediate improvement of the texture and luminosity of the skin, this is because the powerful synergy of these three actions, when executed together, adds more than each of the actions separately.


It is the first step of any facial care routine, whether it is to remove makeup or simply to cleanse the skin at the end of the day.

In the Asian tradition, they start from the premise that there are two types of impurities, oily and aqueous, which is why two cleanings are carried out, to eliminate each type of impurity.

Oily Cleaning

Based on the principle that oil likes oil, Asian women have traditionally used Camellia Oil to dissolve the fatty elements that accumulate on the skin throughout the day, such as the sebum that our skin exudes. and the oils and waxes that makeup has in its composition, to which we currently add sun protection creams and soot from pollution produced by urban combustion.

All these fatty elements accumulate on the skin and in order to remove them in an effective but gentle way, a massage with Camellia oil is performed, focusing on the fattest areas. Subsequently, the impurities are removed with a cotton muslin moistened in hot or warm water. Also apply to eyes and lips to remove makeup gently.

As can be seen in the video, which shows how to perform a massage that, in addition to emulsifying the fatty elements that clog the pores, affecting the fattest parts such as the T-zone and the eyes made up in this case, also activates circulation blood, following gentle patterns and upward movements, without rubbing, as Judith shows us in the video. In this way we will also be doing a remodeling and firming massage of the features, which if there is evidence, will bear its own fruits.

The importance of this step is fundamental, that is why it is the video in which we recreate ourselves the most. Especially interesting and illustrative to see simple but effective, smooth, circular and upward movements with which Judith perform this facial massage to emulsify the fatty elements with the oil for their subsequent removal with the muslin.

Aqueous Cleaning

After oily cleaning with the naked eye we can already see the result, but for an impeccable cleaning we must complete it with the aqueous cleaning.

With a suitable facial soap for our skin type, in our case our cosmetic soap with Camellia Oil, Judith creates enough foam with her hands to allow us to apply it as a cream as a mask, freeing the eyes, and never rubbing directly on the face. After letting the foam act for a few seconds, rinse well with plenty of water. With this step we remove the aqueous impurities, sweat and remains of dead cells, leaving the skin flawless in terms of cleaning.


This step is optional and advisable two or three times a week. After double cleansing, it is recommended to perform a gentle physical exfoliation with the silk cocoons.

The cocoons are excellent for eliminating blackheads, they balance the production of sebum in a natural way and promote the activation of the skin’s metabolism, they nourish it and leave it comfortable and flexible, they purify the pores and the grain of the skin is refined with your continued use.

These effects are due to the two proteins that compose them, on the one hand FIBROIN with exfoliating properties due to its rough and slightly abrasive structure. It cleans in depth, eliminating cleanliness, flaking and dead skin.

On the other hand, they contain SERICIN , the cosmetic protein of silk, which has moisturizing properties and more than twenty amino acids and natural antioxidants, is water-soluble in contact with hot water and is released on the skin during exfoliation.

Moisten the silk cocoon in hot water before use and perform an exfoliating and activating massage, especially effective in the T-zone, chin and forehead. It will remove the dead cells and the remains of fat that may remain in the depths of the pores. On the other hand, hot water also helps to release the sericin they contain, its regular use gives the skin enviable luminosity and shine.


With perfectly clean skin, it is time to balance it since soapy cleaning alkalizes its pH, we know this from the slight feeling of tightness that cleaning with soap always produces, so it is advisable to apply a balancing lotion, to what you can use a thermal or floral water, such as rose water, to acidify the pH and close the pores.

We see how on the skin, already moistened by the balancing lotion, Judith applies one or two drops of Camellia Oil. In this step less is more, when spreading the oil on the moistened skin, a single drop spreads to the entire face and neck, with circular movements, patting and with special care “tapping” around the eyes, from the inside out, we emulsify floral or thermal water with Camellia Oil.


After the deep cleansing and hydration provided by this couple of drops of oil on damp skin, it will be ready and comfortable to receive the specific care that we want to give it through products with anti-wrinkle, anti-blemish, active ingredients, etc., as well as serums, eye contours and occasionally nourishing and moisturizing masks that we want to use, notably improving their effectiveness with this application technique, so that their action is favored and made the most of by our skin. < / p>

The first thing is to have clean skin, which we have already achieved through the double cleaning technique, but if we also do it by following the massage guidelines that Judith illustrates in the video and which are a continuation of those already applied During cleansing and hydration, we will ensure that blood circulation is activated, which will help the active principles contained in the creams and specific treatment products that we use in our night routine to be more effective.

Also known as “double application”, since it involves performing two massages, one for the application of the cream and again, its repetition to promote its absorption.

The technique consists of heating the product to be applied to the hands and then spreading it using circular and upward massages, from the inside to the outside of the face.

After that gentle massage, carried out for the application of our cream, the hands are heated by rubbing them to impose them, again on the face with small pressure, providing heat and generating a massage, as if we were to apply and spread the product for a second time, but not necessary, this second massage is to promote the effectiveness and penetration of the cosmetics used.

In our video Judith illustrates it by applying our moisturizing and nourishing anti-aging cream with Camellia Oil, but in the event that we want to apply more products, such as serums or contours, we would follow the criteria of the most fluid or based Water first, with its mandatory massage and a few seconds of rest for its absorption, the oils and the denser creams later and in that order, since having a higher molecular weight, they will create a denser last layer that will seal the hydration that will we have provided through the ritual.


We explain this routine in terms of night cleansing because it is very important to sleep with clean skin to take advantage of the circadian rhythm, because the processes of cell regeneration accelerate at night, but it is also highly recommended for preparation < / strong> of the skin before a special makeup , if you want it to look flawless and last for hours without cracking.

This cleaning method gives excellent results on oily and acne skin , since despite what it may seem, when cleaning excess fat with oil we are sending a direct message to our sebaceous glands, and that is that for the first time the slogan will not be to go to work like crazy in a constant cycle of action-reaction, on the contrary, they will feel comfortable and comfortable, so we will be giving the first steps towards sebum-regulation and the improvement of our skin, which will reward us with less pimples and rashes.

Check the videos to get a good idea of ​​how gentle but constant massages should be in this methodical routine, always toning and marking the features in an upward direction and without rubbing, both in the cleaning phase and in that of the application of cosmetics, we encourage you to dedicate 10 minutes to put into practice this moment of relax and self-care and if you do not skip any step you will see results in days.

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