Discovered the oldest tea of the world in a Chinese tomb of 2,100 years

The first textual reference of the consume of tea as a medicinal drink dates from the year 59 BC during Western Han Dynasty, but so far had not found remains that substantiate it. However it was not until the 7th – 8th century AD, during the Tang dynasty, when tea became a popular drink throughout China and later throughout Asia via the Silk Road. Chinese researchers have found 2,100 years old tea bundles from two funerary sites: the Han Yangling Mausoleum in Xi’an, Sha’anxi Province; and the Gurgyam Cemetery in Ngari district, western Tibet. These discoveries are even more interesting…

acemelia launches new product camellia oil

Acemelia launches new image

Acemelia launches new image more fresh and modern which is intended to identify more easily our products while we strengthen our differentiator, camellia oil. The changes affect the web, faster, intuitiver and simpler where we will keep you informed of our news and new releases. We added an online store with the best prices on our products, punctual promotions, offers and discounts of our Camellia oil and other products such as creams, soaps, etc. We also changed our logo and labels with which we hope not to be overlooked for our customers

seed camellia oil harvest

Acemelia starts the harvest of Camellia seeds

Every year from September starts the harvest of Camellis seeds in Galicia, from which Acemelia will manufacture its famous Camellia seed oil. Once picked the fruit of the Camellia, the seeds of Camellia are picked up and by cold pressed we extract the higher quality oil with which we make our products. Here we show a first advance of the beginning of the harvest still weeks elongates until we start to manufacture this year Camellia oil. Left shows the fruits of the Camellia and the right seeds of Camellia Seeds of Camellia collection dates The period to harvest the seeds…

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