What to buy in Galicia. Camellia oil. Original and quality souvenir

What to buy in Galicia. Camellia oil. Original and quality souvenir

When you go on a trip to Galicia there is always the same doubt, what to buy in Galicia? What is the best souvenir of Galicia? What do I remember taking us from Galicia? What can I bring that is different and original?

This year, when you come to Galicia, do not forget to ask about camellia oil. This oil has become a valuable and recurring souvenir since it is a different and novel souvenir or gift that delights beyond Spanish borders.

Galician camellia oil is becoming a coveted object of tourists coming from other parts of Spain and abroad because it is an oil made in Galicia that collects part of the Galician soul, using the seeds of its camellias to make This valuable oil, of fast absorption and hydration of long duration, and besides the maximum quality, extracted by cold pressing.

You can get this oil in our online store or in some of the physical stores that sell it. You can buy our Natural Camellia Oil in the main gallician cities and along the Camino de Santiago. In this section they are not all so it is best to consult in natural cosmetics stores, pharmacies and parapharmacies of the main cities to be supplied.

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