Visit San Martin Pinario monastery with ACEMELIA (ArteySan)

Visit San Martin Pinario monastery with ACEMELIA (ArteySan)

Acemelia commitment to Galician culture. Proof of this is that we will have a booth at the fair of crafts, art and traditional cuisine (ArteySan) being held in the cloister of the monastery of San Martin Pinario in Santiago de compostela held between 7 and 17 July.

The monastery of San Martín Pinario, the second most important building of Santiago de Compostela. Located in the historical center, opposite the façade North of the Cathedral Santiago de Compostela, it is the second largest in Spain monastery and boasts more than 5 centuries old.

The San Martin Pinario monastery is a Benedictine Monastery founded in the 10th century and which is currently used as a seminary, student residence and headquarters of the University School of Social work, Center attached to the University of Santiago de Compostela, as well as the headquarters of the theological Institute of Compostela.

Every day there will be concerts and many other activities. I recommend the visit since is closed to the public and only is can access during this fair and that are sure that not you will leave indifferent.

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