Acemelia and Pazo-Palacio of Fefiñáns Winery join together to promote Galicia

Acemelia and Pazo-Palacio of Fefiñáns Winery join together to promote Galicia

Camellia oil is twinned with Albariño wine to create a magical experience of Galicia.

Galicia, land of pazos and camellias. Traditionally linked to the nobility, the country houses or Gallician Pazos are magical places, memories of other times that bring us closer to our past and tell us about the future through initiatives of its new inhabitants.

Some Pazos that have much to do with us since its gardens hide some of the finest examples of camellias, vital for the production of our oils.

In the province of Pontevedra we find one of the most spectacular, the Pazo de Fefiñáns, in Cambados, and where now you can get also our Camellia oil.

Imposing and majestic was ordered to be built by Don Juan Sarmiento Valladares, Adviser of King Felipe II. Today, it belongs to the Marquis of Figueroa, their current caregivers.

Historically linked to the Rías Baixas denomination of origin, Bodegas Palacio de Fefiñanes produces and trades Albariño.

You can find from this moment all Acemelia products in their store, located on the ground floor of the building. An opportunity to get close to the history of Galicia in an incomparable setting. We are waiting for you!

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